Content Management Systems (Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal) and Custom Web Applications

By asking all the right questions and delving into the very core of your brand’s personality, we perform all the research necessary to establish the design style that’s right for your brand. Web Entangled - Zimbabwe offers extensive graphic and web design services, from logos and corporate identities to full website design. We also collaborate with the best in illustration and photography, and keep up to date with industry trends so that your design remains fresh and relevant. Overall, we believe that simple, uncluttered design wins the race, every time.

User Experience (UX) design is intergral to our web design process. UX design is the single most important part of your brand’s website. Realising that each project is completely different, we approach UX in a logical manner; Who is the target market? What is our goal? What is the simplest solution with regards to navigation? After an extensive research phase we begin by creating different personas, various personalities who may interact with your brand online or who are interested in your product. After this, we move on to the full website architecture, wire framing and the site’s pathway structure. By doing this, we create a bulletproof foundation for design work.

Responsive Designs (Multiple Device Compatibility) - It’s 2019 and we can pretty much kiss traditional desktop browsing goodbye. With devices like the iPad and a myriad of other tablets entering the marketplace, mobile browsing has taken over. Responsive web design that adapts to any device’s screen size and optimises your site’s user experience is undoubtedly the new way forward. Although this may require more time for design and development, it truly is worth going the extra mile, especially as it is fast becoming a standard,

Content Management Systems (Drupal, Joomla & Wordpress Development) - WordPress is the largest open source content management platform used globally. It provides our clients with extensive open source material which means that you’re never locked in to any in-house systems and that most developers will be able to work on your site. Web Entangled - Zimbabwe offers fully customised development to cater to your brand’s specific needs, building the WordPress site from the ground up, as opposed to using predefined themes. Your code is also always guaranteed to be W3C compliant and completely cross browser compatible.

Drupal is an extremely powerful and scalable content management framework that’s supported by a community of over 630 000 users and developers across the world. Thousands of community-contributed modules allow us to make use of reusable components which, for you, means low development costs. By putting foundations in place right in the beginning, your website and/or web application grows as your business does. To top it all off, Drupal architecture and Agile software methodologies go hand in hand, allowing for rapid and continuous growth.

e-Commerce (including Online Shops/Payments) - We build scalable, user friendly and easy-to-manage E-commerce solutions to give your brand the very best online store presence possible. By creating custom made solutions and using open source frameworks, we not only eliminate complicated work processes, but also lower your project costs. The system in place will allow stock and inventory management, and can easily integrate with existing invoicing systems, as well as numerous payment gateways and methods. Additionally, we will also automate your workflow to free up your resources.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc

There’s more to a successful website than just considered design. We also create content and smart, relevant copy for your brand new website. Starting with strategy meetings/workshops where we get to know you and your brand, we take you through to long-term site maintenance. We also draw attention to your brand by managing your social media campaigns. Rather than leaving your site to go stale, we can stay on board with a monthly retainer and update your content whenever you need it. Whether you’re having a sale or you’ve changed address we will create the content and upload it to your site and your social media channels. Depending on your particular needs and marketing strategy, our team will increase your visibility by tweeting, posting and updating all the channels that work for your brand.


Google, Yahoo & Bing Rankings

Keyword Research - SEO Keyword research is without a doubt the most important Search Engine Optimization activity. If one selects the incorrect keywords all SEO efforts may be in vain and amount to nothing. Hence, time should be invested in doing thorough keyword and market research.

What are keyword phrases? Keywords phrases or ‘search terms’ are the words or phrases used by users when they search for information in search engines. For example, when people are search for accommodation in Harare, they may type in the phrase “Harare Accommodation” into a search engine. The phrase “Harare Accommodation” is seen as one keyword or keyword phrase. On the other hand, users might also type in “Harare guest house”, which is a different keyword. Although there are millions of different keyword phrases they do tend to be clustered together.

Selecting the correct Keywords When doing website SEO it is necessary to select certain keyword phrases and optimise the website for those keywords. A website can’t perform the same for all search terms and you wouldn’t want it to! You want to rank well for keywords that best describe your core goods or services, so that users ‘targeting’ those services find your website. Hence, keyword research forces us to interrogate our business, our marketing approach and try to understand how others understand and interact with our business.

Keyword research is a very important SEO activity, and it is therefore vitally important to understand which keywords are best to target. Here monthly search volumes and the competitiveness of a keyword come into play.

Keyword research and targeting form the basis for all your other SEO efforts.

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - On-site website optimization or website SEO is the process of optimising a website’s pages so that they are search engine and user-friendly. Search engines now use over 200 on-site triggers to decide how to rank your website, including factors like global link popularity. These ranking factors are not equally weighted, some factors are weighted more heavily in search algorithms. However, Search Engines like Google do not share these weighting and they change from time to time, so making SEO an ongoing process to stay abreast of changes is vital.

Optimize your website for Search Engines and users

The vital activity of on-page Optimization helps to ensure that you structure your web page elements and content are search engine and user friendly, and without website SEO it would be impossible to obtain better rankings in search results.

Web Entangled - Zimbabwe will analyze your website SEO and prescribe recommendations where necessary.

Website Analytics and Tracking - Website analytics is a very important SEO component as it allows us to track our SEO progress, as well shape our efforts and improve our targeting. Google Analytics provides an impressive breakdown of data from a website. It tells us:

  • How many visits a website has had during a given period
  • The sources that users used to find the website, e.g. referring website, search engine etc.
  • The keywords that visitors used to find the website
  • Which country and city the users are from
  • How long users spent on the website etc.

    This information is very valuable because it can help guide SEO efforts and provides data that clearly shows SEO results. Furthermore, it allows us to analyze the behaviour of visitors to a website and understand how they use search engines. This means that your targeting strategy is improved and more focused on your core target group.


    Custom Development (incl. CRM, Project Management, Document Management etc)

    Intranet Designs leverage the potential of Information Technology networks to help streamline internal processes by promoting secure information sharing,collaboration,communication and community building.

    At Web Entangled, our intranet design and development begins with understanding what the site visitors want and need to accomplish. Most companies design intranets to satisfy business objectives without considering why or how users will interact with the platform. Finding the common ground between business and user goals is key to a successful intranet. Once we have identified the overlapping goals it is easy to determine what information is required, what other systems need to be integrated to the design, and who will contribute or review content.

    A thorough needs analysis we will identify, segment and target audience to make the intranet design useful to users. Additionally, an in-depth understanding of how target users function in their job responsibilities and their level of technical skill will help address intranet usability. In this way usability and ROI can be closely tied to intranet design and functionality because the design will be extremely intuitive.

    For example, intranet web designs are more useful for mobile workforces, geographically dispersed business units, extensive partner networks or large employee bases that can benefit from web-based communication. Intranet web designs should be more focused on specific features that are important to the user especially where mobile devices will be used as the primary mode of connection. This ties into website usability but more importantly, outside-in intranet web designs determine content and functionality that will benefit both the users and the business from an ROI perspective.

    Visit weIntranet and weCRM to learn more about our custom Intranet and CRM offerings.


    Custom Theme Designs & Custom Functionality Development

    SharePoint design and development takes more than just setting up a server. It requires knowledge of implementing business requirements and workflows, as well as being able to preserve and leverage the value of prior IT investment while planning ahead for future upgrades and enhancements. Web Entangled brings to the table its long-standing expertise in all aspects of corporate information processing – we have been developing custom Document Management, Content Management, Knowledge Management and Assets Management Enterprise platforms as well as Enterprise and Web Portals since 2002. There are even more skill sets required to carry out a successful SharePoint development project. They include categorization, metadata, search ranking and optimization, and workflow optimization and automation. With Web Entangled’s substantial background in knowledge management, Sharepoint development projects and implementation are a natural extension of the company’s core expertise.


    Rock-solid cPanel hosting in Zimbabwe. No compromise.

    Our web hosting platform provides everything needed for a fast and reliable experience. With instant activation, 1-click web app installs and 24/7 support, you'll be up and running in no time. And no hidden fees or contracts! All shared hosting packages include:
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