5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign is Not Working

Have you jumped on the social media bandwagon, but haven’t got the expected results? Do you think that the medium that millions of entrepreneurs from all over the world are leveraging is not just working for you?

Recent years have seen businesses moving in droves to social media. The success stories of a few top businesses and the push from the media have worked wonders and have compelled everyone to try their luck on various social platforms.

Social media is much like a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. Patience is key when it comes to social media marketing, which includes long-term planning, testing and analysis.

The goal is to entice social media users to connect with your brand, become a fan and a purchaser and, finally, an advocate.  This may sound simple, but many businesses fail because they are ignoring crucial elements that bring success.

Let’s explore the reasons and try to find the solutions.

Your Campaigns Are Unintegrated

Ensuring your social media content is integrated across all social channels is key. Businesses often show lack of management and planning by posting incoherent content across various media channels.

If your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter content, for instance, is not in harmony, it is confusing to your audience. A cohesive marketing strategy across all social media channels allows your audience to come recognize your brand image regardless of the social media channel.

Being aware of the marketing trends and tools of the various social media sites is also key so you can design your campaign accordingly.

Remember, an integrated campaign helps to build a strong online community around your brand and sets up an impressive online presence that will earn revenue through multiple channels.

You Are Not Consistent 

Social media works when you are consistent. Have a definite posting plan in place to ensure that you post regularly. There are a number of tools like Sprout Social, Buffer and Hoot Suite for your social media updates and scheduling your blog posts to go live at set intervals. Scheduling is a built-in feature if you are using WordPress. An editorial calendar can also be downloaded from Hub Spot or a WordPress built-in plugin. It is the best way to double your content marketing ROI.

Apart from that you should also schedule time to read and respond to comments and reply to questions.

Improper Audience Targeting

Facebook is the first thing that comes to our mind whenever we think of social media. What sets Facebook apart is the spectacular and diverse audience. You are missing out if you are not using Facebook’s audience targeting potential to the fullest.

Facebook is not the only social media channel that offers specific audience targeting. Your marketing attempts will be marked as “spam” if you are sending messages and displaying promotional content to random, uninterested people.

A lot of analysis goes into finding the best match for your brand. Try to answer questions like: What are the issues solved by my brand? What are the demographics of the people who have this problem? What is the customer base of my market competitors?

Finding the answers to these questions will help you discover your target audience.

Your Landing Page Does Not Meet Expectations 

Don’t forget, your social media content simply doesn’t end on social media sites. Your entire campaign actually leads to a landing page where the generated lead is further provided with a variety of options to be entertained.  Hence, the landing page is a crucial component of your campaign.

You should create a landing page that is cohesive in design and content that fulfills the promise made to the user on the social media ad. Include a clearly visible CTA button, minimize  distractions and retarget users who left without taking a significant action.

Your Content is Not Convincing 

Research has revealed that most businesses fail to excite the audience with their design and the content. The posts that you have created can lack the relevance needed to interest the audience and thus, fail to compel them towards your product.

To ensure your content will be of value to your target audience, learn what drives your target audience and write according to their interests. For inspiration, check to see what kind of content your competitors are producing and put your own spin on it. Include images to illustrate your and create visual interest.

If you take the appropriate steps, your social media campaign will soon be a huge success, generating revenue the way that you have always wanted it to.

Akshay Sharma is a social media marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He loves to write and read about latest technology trends. He works with Mind Digital Group.