5 Ingenious Ways to Boost Your Facebook Followers

Here’s the strange thing about Facebook: It’s still one of the most popular social networks, despite reports about an incremental decline from groups of users, like those aged 35-44. After all, it still has at least 1.86 billion active users monthly. Plus, it’s expected to grow by tens of millions of new users in the next four […]

Major Resources for Your Market Strategies: Targeting the Client

What are the major resources for your market strategies?  How does a confident and successful entrepreneur differ from one who has tried several times and has failed? The simple answer is that the confident guy earns more money than the guy who has failed. The longer answer is slightly more complicated.  It is connected with […]

7 Critical Social Media Questions that Businesses Need to Answer Now — Not Later

When social media first arrived on the business landscape more than two decades ago, it was widely viewed with a mixture of skepticism, indifference, or in some cases, outright hostility. According to some self-proclaimed business pundits and gurus, while it was conceivable that a small niche of B2C businesses might be able to leverage some […]

SEO And SMO: 4 Facts You Must Know

Most bloggers and website owners/managers are well familiar with the term SEO, or search engine optimization. This is a process through which one can come higher in the search results of any relevant keywords within a search engine like Google. SMO stands for social media optimization and is generally not so well known to a […]

Top 5 SEO Myths

When businesses are looking to turn their website into a lead generation tool, we always recommend a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Why? Because you can’t generate new leads with a website if prospects can’t find it when they are searching online. However, we’ve found that a lot of people have a bad taste in […]

Why You Should Target Topics, Not Keywords

As search engines like Google get wise to what their users want, their technology catches up, too. Search is changing. The influx of new devices that people are using – Smartphones, tablets, virtual assistants, Smart TVs, etc. – along with the move to lots of voice control, has influenced what your average search query looks […]

Facebook Kills Off AI System After it Invents Language Humans Can’t Understand

Facebook has pulled the plug on a portion of its new artificial intelligence (AI) system after discovering it was creating a new language — one that could not be understood by humans. The social network’s engineers shut down the new language being developed by bots known as Bob and Alice, which were communicating using English words in unintelligible sentences. Its bot […]

10 SEO Mistakes Your Brand Could be Making

Three letters are sweeping the world’s resume skill section by storm: SEO, short for search engine optimization. From young and hungry Web designers, to social media strategists, to bloggers, and even administrative assistants, yes, nearly everyone in the digital world—and beyond—is now tacking SEO onto their skill arsenal. But can anybody and everybody actually deliver […]