A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started With Search Engine Optimisation

If you’ve worked on a website or have perused the Internet for tips on digital marketing, you are sure to have come across the term SEO. It is one of the most talked about strategies. With so much information around the topic, it’s very easy for a newcomer to get confused or get the wrong […]

Does Social Media Influence SEO and Rankings?

Yes, it’s the age-old question that no one seems to really have an answer for. But I’m feeling brave today, so I’ll venture to answer it. Here’s what made me think about this again, this time harder than usual and looking for specific answers: a discussion with a client. In my digital marketing agency, we work with […]

Tips for Creating Content That Influences Purchasing Decisions

If I’m certain of one thing, it’s that content is a game-changer. It does so many things at once – and effortlessly, if you get it right. It lets search engines find and rank you, which leads to people discovering you. It builds trust with those people. It underlines your authority in your field. Most […]

Strategies for Boosting Customer Reviews (Local Search Engine Optimisation)

Google at one time offered a total of seven local listings at the top of its search page. These coveted spaces have downsized to just three listings. Sponsored listings are no longer down the right side of the page, these three listings are currently positioned below the fold, meaning that Web users actually have to […]

Emerging Brands vs Established Category Leaders in Google Search

In both business and social spheres, people are talking about emerging new brands and how they are stirring up various marketplaces with their popularity with consumers.  Innovation and disruption is constantly happening and leads to some popular brands falling by the wayside while other new brands emerge in the blink of an eye. Take for […]

The Biggest eCommerce Seach Engine Optimisation Blunders

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.” — Joel Anderson, former president and CEO of Wal-Mart There are few factors more influential to the success of an eCommerce site than SEO. Search optimization mistakes can be extremely costly for your business. […]