Psychological Hacks to Drive a Loyal Audience to Your Website/Blog

How interesting is your content? Do you understand how important it is for you to make a secret connection with your readers?

If you can persuade your visitors to come once, then over and over, you will sooner or later be able to establish a growing fan base and revamp customer loyalty.

Who doesn’t like to build a loyal blog audience? Of course, we all do. After all, it’s a way to attract more traffic to your site and have more conversions.

Do you know only a few thousand loyal fans who’re committed to your business can take your blog rankings to the next level? It might appear funny to most of you, but you’ll be surprised to know that even with a limited number of loyal targeted audience, you can achieve six-figure returns in no time. Yes, this is the power of brand loyalty.

I expect if you’re reading this post, it’s only because you’re looking for solutions, strategies or help for boosting your reader’s engagement.

OK, so you’re an amazing writer and also acquire a group of credible guest post authors who contribute to your site on regular basis. Do you think this is enough to build improved brand loyalty and convert your readers into reliable fans? Obviously, NO!

You have to comprehend how the human brain functions to trigger your readers with a psychological connection.

In this article, I’ve gathered some of the interesting ways that will help you increase your audience engagement without doing anything technically.

Be Consistent with Your Website Design

We all appreciate consistency and orderliness, in our conviction, concepts and views. Whenever you confront a change, you’ll seriously want to assess the situation and this leads to confusion and conscious effort.

The same theory applies to your site structure and design when it boils down to reader’s loyalty. It’s important that you give your visitors a consistent visible as well as observable experience. If you repeatedly make changes in your website’s color patterns and font settings, your readers will be puzzled by these recurrent aesthetic experiments. As a matter of fact, they will experience a visional disparity that might slash their loyalty.

I would suggest you to pick two to three colors along with certain specific fonts and stick to them religiously. Once these aesthetic elements become an integral part of your persona, your readers will automatically identify you through them and it will boost your audience engagement.

In addition to that, never apply new themes and plugins repeatedly on your site — it will create problems for your visitors and may lower their interest. A good way to avoid common mistakes would be to conduct a SEO audit of your site through any reliable SEO audit tool. Doing so will help you inspect all the important elements and take appropriate actions accordingly.


Notify Your Audience About Your Posts

To attract an audience and build an emotional connection with them, keep them notified about your recent posts. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and the like to keep your readers informed.

Once in a while, you can also share an update regarding your upcoming projects or blog posts ahead of publishing. This will trigger curiosity and your audience will look forward to your impending write-ups.

Build a Routine

One of the ways to motivate your audience and boost reader engagement is to prepare a posting schedule. Doing so will not only help you develop a writing line-up but your audience will also anticipate a newsletter or new posts from your side.

The purpose is to bring about interest and excitement amongst your audience so its members are persuaded to read your posts.

Add More Visual Content

You must have heard the term ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ Images draw far more involvement, shares, and engagement than words alone.

Do you know your brain processes visional data around 60,000 times quicker than text? This is why images and visual content including infographics and videos are so marketable.

Whether you opt for copyright-free images in your posts or design your own images in Illustrator, Canvas or any other software, it will surely add more value to your content and grab your readers’ interest.

Content developers and digital marketers usually use Shutterstock and Getty Images to purchase stock photos for their content. However, if you’re looking for a free resource to create customized infographics or banners, Canvas is your safest bid.

Choose Your Words Wisely

While devising an article or a blog post, it’s inevitable to choose your words wisely. No matter how many marketing tactics you apply to attract your readers, the selection of words and phrases can make all the difference.

You can use certain words to build up greater levels of trust and engagement. For instance, words like official, warranty, loyal, and authentic convey trust and reliability. So, try to incorporate these words as much as possible into your content and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Offer a Personalized Experience to Your Readers

We all are different and deserve special treatment. Not only does this aspect work wonderfully for you, it also makes your audience feel great. If you can apply this theory to your brand, you can enjoy long-term audience loyalty.

How to Personalize Your Reader’s Experience

  • Always customize your offerings (content as well as your products) based on contextual data. You can use a tool like Sajari to track your reader’s viewing history, domain, and profile.
  • One of the ways to bring more people to your blog and then make them feel special is to arrange various competitions and contests. As a reward, you can give them a personalized hand-written note to praise their loyalty and engagement.
  • There is nothing worse than a slow loading website. Being a reputable brand, the least you could do to boost your reader’s experience is to offer a responsive site. Keep in mind; you can’t expect your loyal customer to wait endlessly for your site to load.
  • Lastly, encourage your audience by offering special deals and discounts. Doing so will not only help you attract a larger audience, but will inspire them to stay loyal to your brand.

Create Suspense

Inquisitiveness is a part of human nature. We’re always keen to know how different things work. You can take advantage of this natural human attribute to stimulate the interest of your readers, then add the element of surprise and tantalize them.

This approach can be used to invigorate all facets of your content marketing including sales pages, blogs and landing pages as well as for your social media platforms.

Captivate your Listeners through Storytelling

When it comes to developing incredible content, the art of storytelling is at the top of the list. If you think it’s a skill and you can develop it somehow, you’re wrong. It’s an inherent talent that is inborn and can’t be taught.

Storytelling is something that captivates your readers. Now the question is how to incorporate this into your content. Sadly, the answer isn’t that simple. It is not for articles or blog posts only; you can use other channels like YouTube to practice this skill and boost brand loyalty. Second, you don’t need plenty of content to depict your storytelling proficiency. A one-liner heading, for instance, can meet the purpose if it can trigger excitement and curiosity in your audience.

Give Your Audience a Social Proof

We require security and guarantee ahead of doing anything new. Be it buying a new asset or investing in an online business, we want a social proof that can make our upcoming transaction trouble-free. Luckily, by using this phenomenon, you can also give your audience a better customer experience and build a loyal fan base.

At the start, you need to brag about your recommendations from influencers and note how many visitors have already reviewed or forwarded your posts. This stimulates trust and drives the audience to react.

Thus, make sure to incorporate reviews about your page and product from the most reliable personalities in your industry. Don’t forget to insert a picture with your words — it will increase trust. And this is what exactly you’re looking for to build loyalty for your brand.

Moreover, you can also put logos of renowned brands and respected media houses that have used your services or products in the past to prove your credibility.

Be a Problem Solver

One of the ways to emotionally connect with your readers is to offer them solutions they need for their problems. I love to use different available online resources to amplify the quality of my work. Not only do I make use of these online tools to add value to my content but also share these resources with my audience to simplify things for them.

Being a pro in your niche means a lot. Your readers trust your words and follow in your footsteps. However, with great power comes great responsibility. So, just be sure to provide your readers with the best quality content, accurate statistics and something of value.

Use Examples and Screenshots to Engage Your Readers

When you integrate your views with accuracy and simplicity, it becomes easier for your readers to understand your ideas and beliefs.

And when you include real-life illustrations in your write-ups, it will make it convenient for your audience to understand the true essence of your post.

Advantages of Using Real-Life Examples in Your Content

  • It builds trust and helps you enjoy loyal fan base;
  • It validates your viewpoint;
  • It gives you an opportunity to describe your topic in detail.

Similarly, it’s a great idea to add relevant screenshots wherever possible. Dissimilar to downloaded, copied, and pasted images, screen shots give your content a personalized feel. Moreover, it helps your readers understand the point.


While all of the above-listed elements can make a huge difference in your overall content strategy, you cannot apply a batch of actions simultaneously. The rule of thumb is to be patient and gradually build your loyal fan following.

Psychology is an amazing tool to understand the human mind and develop emotional affiliations. Not only does it help you create a great blog, but it is also crucial for establishing customer loyalty.

What do you think of this post? Have you got any other effective psychology-influenced strategies for driving more audience to your blog? Please feel free to share your queries, feedback and opinions in the comments section below.

John Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, He’s working with Furthermore, John assists in the business creation and control social media content planning.