How Proper Keyword Mapping Can Help Your Webpages Grow Organically

Websites are designed so they can successfully showcase the service or product they offer. While designing such a website, focus should also be on making it visible to your targeted audience. If you search the Internet, chances are that you will find numerous sites offering similar services or products, so you need to make sure […]

The Latest News on Google’s Mobile-First Index

“We’re thinking about how we can make sure we only include in the mobile-first index sites that won’t be hurt by the mobile-first index. The longer time frame can be several years — maybe five years — before we reach an index that is only mobile-first.” – Gary Illyes, Webmaster trends analyst at Google Back in […]

How Time Traps Almost Caused My Online Business to Fail

Way back in 1999, when I first decided to launch Marketing Words, it was just me… all alone. There was no Marketing Words team at that point. Like practically every other home-based entrepreneur, if I didn’t do a particular task it didn’t get done. For the first few years, I continued to bang my head […]

4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

2017 isn’t over yet, but it’s not too early to predict social media trends for the next year. There’s no doubt about it, the past year was a huge one in term of updates and new methods of marketing. To stay at the top of the marketing game, let’s look at the expected trends for […]