4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

2017 isn’t over yet, but it’s not too early to predict social media trends for the next year. There’s no doubt about it, the past year was a huge one in term of updates and new methods of marketing.

To stay at the top of the marketing game, let’s look at the expected trends for 2018.

1. Augmented Reality (AR) is Here to Stay

The most common and well-known example of augmented reality is Pokémon Go. However, AR is definitely going to be more in the picture come 2018. Apple has announced AR experiences with its new iPhones. Hence, companies need to keep up with the times and get to work.

Augmented reality characters can become the next beloved children idols while existing mascots like Ronald McDonald can be given a re-launch using this form of technology.

2. Interaction Through Messaging

A SMS-based marketing strategy is no longer the best or only means of action. Marketing departments should realize more than ever the importance of being on several messaging boards. Not only does this mean being active on Facebook Messenger, but also Twitter forums. The latter could be especially helpful in grabbing the attention of those consumers whose interests already match your product/service.

In order to stay active with online customers, marketing managers also need to know how to use hashtags, comments, likes, and shares. This helps to identify which customers are active, which have complaints, and which need a response.

Chatbots are also popping up everywhere. If groomed to match consumer expectations, chatbots could be the next revolutionary step in customer service. After all, proper customer service is what makes a marketing plan successful.

3. Live Streaming

It started out as a bit of a gimmick, but Facebook Live is serious business now. People are using it to create awareness, conduct interviews, and promote their businesses. Brands great and small would do well to familiarize themselves with every form of a live video that they can. This includes YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Live streams are never around for long. Hence, it holds a kind of charm for the viewers. This also provides a live streaming host with the opportunity to provide special services for the audience tuned in. These could include special discounts, vouchers, or even the chance to take part in a live competition. Additionally, one has the option of asking and answering questions live.

4. Influencers At The Top

Traditional advertising is well on its way down. Television commercials are expensive, and fewer people are actually sitting down to watch TV anyway. 2018 would be all about being on-the-go. This means social media is where it is at. And when you have social media, you have the influencers within it.

Influencers are not the ones who have the most followers. They are the ones who have a genuine fan base. These followers are more likely to purchase or avoid purchasing whatever the influencer promotes or warns against. This kind of power is what brands should be working toward.


2017 certainly saw some amazing ways in which people built up their brands using social media. It is a valuable tool that anyone can use. If you have not yet leveraged social media to promote your brand, don’t let the New Year roll in without giving it a try.

Amelia Knight is a writer, blogger and an online marketer. In addition, she also serves as senior academic writer at a local firm where she provides students with essay help U.K. Being that it is a digital market, she keeps a watch on the latest happenings in the world of new media.