Essential Tips for Crafting a Serial-Killer Business Video

When you manage to get the interest of your target audience through video, you’re able to present your business in all its glory. Currently, video content is the most attractive form of advertising that not only captures the viewer’s attention, but also evokes stronger emotions.

Big “dogs” like Coca-Cola, Nike or McDonald’s quickly understood the potential of video advertising. Their marketing experts study consumer behavior and get the attention of the audience through smart psychological tricks.

Speaking of which…When did you drink your last can of Cola? I had my last one a few hours ago.

We all know it’s extremely unhealthy. And yet, that fact hasn’t stopped us from making a bad decision. The reasons are obvious – the marketing psychology of this brand is extremely powerful and influential. It created a whole culture around its product and we want to be part of it.

As a business owner, you must always act in accordance with your long-term goals. Promotion can be quite challenging. The right type of business videos, however, can lead to massive success.

Since most marketers find video creation extremely complicated, we decided to share a few tips to make the process easier.

What Are the Benefits of Business Videos?

1. Greater engagement

Engagement is a very important factor for every kind of business. A study confirms videos posted on social media get 1,200 percent more engagement from mobile users than both images and text combined. That engagement comes in the form of shares, likes, and comments.

2. More Sales

According to a recent study, the people who watch a business video are twice as likely to buy the particular product or service when compared to those who read or hear ads.

3. Brand awareness expansion

Videos can serve as a powerful tool for your branding. Your brand awareness and reputation matter a lot with today’s market always bringing strong competition.

4. If it goes viral, your business is in a good place 

All business owners want their brand videos to go viral. Why? Because if your video touches a person’s feelings, it’ll spark the person’s need to let others know as well. It’s sort of a need for contribution, along with the wish to display high status for bringing such a valuable piece of content to friends and relatives. With that, you garner greater brand awareness.

How to Create a Business Video by Yourself

1. Choose the “Mission” of the Video

In my work as an instructor, one frequent mistake students made was not allocating enough time to carefully plan their assignments and essays. It’s the same with videos – if you want to come up with a high-quality end product, take your time to plan the proper strategy.

In other words, you have to plan the script of the video before filming it. For that reason, you have to clarify the mission of your video. Start with these questions:

  • What’s should people do after watching it? Like and share? Make a purchase? Subscribe or follow? Decide what you’re after.
  • Do you offer a free trial for a premium product or will you always offer it for free? It’s important to decide how this offer will represent your business.
  • Do you want people to pay for watching it? If that’s the case, then your video is a purchasable product.

2. Choose Your Filming Device

You don’t need to invest a lot of money in equipment to start filming videos. Nowadays, Smart devices are enough. Along with the editing software, filming your business video with a highly optimized mobile camera will do the job.

If you want to make a bigger investment, you can use special filming cameras and software or hire a studio to take care of the process under your instructions.

3. Choose a Good Spot to Film

The spot you pick is essential. It all starts with your imagination. Think about your product and your target audience, and then start making connections. Jot down all relevant ideas.

Once you do that, think of some places that could contribute to your brand’s message and to your audience’s preference. Then, find the spot. Maybe you’ll have to travel, but that’s a plus that comes with your job.

4. “Just Do It”

Take Nike’s tip and just do it. There’s no one to push you from behind. The faster you confront your fears of recording your own video, the faster you’ll turn your action in profits.

Do not be afraid that your message won’t be good and don’t let the consumers scare you off.

If you believe that your message is strong, then showing it to the people is well-worth the trouble.

If that is not a good option for you, you can hire a professional freelancer from a freelancing board, or even a company to make your video. If you feel like your time is better spent in other places, don’t hesitate to invest in your own business.

If someone else can do a better job than you, hire them. That’s the kind of business efficiency we’re talking about.

3 Powerful Strategies to Enhance the Quality of the Content

A video that’s meant to create results will always be influenced by three main factors. If you can focus on the following elements, your video content will impress people and make them want more from you.

1. Powerful CTA (Call-to-Action)

Call-to-action shouts, buttons and suggestions play a very important role in the sales process. After people finish watching your video, they’ll skip to something else if you don’t tell them what to do. They won’t feel the urge to take action unless you encourage them.

2. Create Something Original and Catchy

Strong ads are always showing something unique. Every big company is investing thousands or even millions of dollars to create these strong messages. Most of the time, the message delivered through such a video ad is originalcompelling and well-thought.

It also draws the attention of the consumers, who are directly influenced on a subconscious level.

3. Focus on VALUE

Believe it or not, your videos will solve nothing if what you’re featuring is a low-quality product. People want value. Even if your advertisements are very powerful, the customers will leave as fast as they can if they don’t get value for their money.

The quality of your video should also be top notch. Invest as much as you can until you’re satisfied with the final result.


Creating and making your business video successful is a complex process, and it’s never guaranteed to work. In essence, you’re trying to send a message to a larger audience. If that message is good enough to impresses the audience, your video will be successful.

Laura Buckler is writer for and journalist. She believes that everything in our life is simple and achievable and tries to help people recognize their own potential. You can follow her on Twitter.