How to Promote Your Local Business via Facebook Ads

If you own a local business, you probably seek the same thing every entrepreneur and marketer seeks. Profit. That’s the end result, but the journey can be long. One of the most challenging aspects that most local business owners face is the complexity of the digital environment, which has already changed the face of business […]

How To Help A New Website Rank Faster

Everyone knows that the process of Search Engine Optimisation is a slow one.  You don’t get to the top of a Google (and stay there) without some serious time, effort and hard work.  Older, established sites are likely to be more trusted by search engines thanks to years of data and user engagement. You will […]

5 Creative Tips To Make Your Website Stick Out

Did you know that 81% of customers look online before making a purchase? And that only 54% of companies have a website? If you’re in the remaining 46% of businesses without a website, you’re missing out on serious sales opportunity. Today’s websites are affordable to build, easy to customize, and simple to update if you have […]

Top Google Algorithm Changes in 2017 and How They Affect You

Last year, the SEO and copywriting communities, along with business owners who rely heavily on their optimized websites were on their toes waiting for the next Google search algorithm to kill their hard work. Of course, this never happened. Despite the numerous algorithm changes of last year, the websites that really cared for bringing valuable information and […]

How Facebook Marketers Can Manage Privacy to Protect Business Security

If it happened to Mark Zuckerberg, it can happen to anyone. In June of 2016, hackers briefly took control of Zuckerberg’s personal Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Using a password they’d obtained from a LinkedIn security breach – which Zuckerberg had re-used on the other networks – they gained access, and then posted messages boasting of […]

How ccTLD (domain extension) can Help You Gain a Foothold in Your Target Market

New startups and established businesses can gain a foothold in any market by simply making use of the right country related domain name. There’s no question that using the right domain extension has many benefits – from the ability to use a domain name of your choice, to the more obvious SEO advantages. For businesses targeting […]

How Should Your Business Tackle the Recent Facebook Algorithm Changes

I’m guessing that by now everyone has heard the big news, right? If not, here’s the gist of it: Facebook will decrease the organic reach of Facebook pages even more. Yes, it’s happening. In Mark Zuckerberg’s own words, Facebook is designed “to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us”. Adam […]