8 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2018

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some people appreciate simplicity; some appreciate luxury. You can create algorithms, conduct surveys, and take polls, but no matter what it’s difficult to market your product based on people’s choices. What is it that people like? How do people make a choice? What is a good choice? What is a bad choice? How often do decisions change? How do people develop their choices? And most importantly, how to find out what content is working for people and what isn’t.

You will probably have all the same questions if you’re planning to market your product. You will have thought about these questions because everyone has struggled at some point in their lives to be accepted by society. And not just accepted, but appreciated as well. The desire to be “liked” is the core reason behind the choices we make because of the society we live in. It’s safe to say that an individual and society coexist; they are dependent on each other in a number of ways, and this is why we are called social animals. And being a social animal, we must be aware of the trends that people follow and the lifestyle’s they lead.

Having said that, we must also consider the latest trends, obsessions, and the hottest topics of the 21st century, and they are the internet and technology. No matter how much you try to escape technology, you can’t, it’s become an everyday necessity. Whatever business you have, the internet is going to promote your product. There are various social media platforms to run product campaigns on. And as you run the campaign, you try to gain an understanding about why your target audience chooses your product. There are several questions you can ask yourself before promoting your product on social media.

There has always been a lack of consideration from understanding the psyche of an audience. No matter how good your product is, if it isn’t presented in an attractive manner, nobody will want it. For example, you go to a bakery to get yourself a cupcake and you look around to get yourself the best one. But how do you determine the best cupcake in the case? Can you taste every cupcake? No. You simply guess by the looks of it whether you’re going to like it or not. It might sound superficial to say that looks matter, but the truth is, looks matter a lot, especially when there’s a large variety in front of you. Also, tasting every cupcake would cost you a lot. This is how it is with your target audience as well. If you’re not going to consider the presentation of your product then nobody is going to want it. By presentation, we don’t mean just “looks,” we also mean convenience and the authenticity it delivers.

So far, we’ve realized the significance of technology, the understanding of contemporary trends, and the importance of product presentation. How to reach your audience with advanced methods? Online marketing. Where do you market your product? On your website. All these subjects lead us to our main topic: latest trends of web designs to follow in the 2018.

Movement versus Static

When you’re surfing the internet, what is it that makes you stop your incessant scrolling? Is it the moment you spot something on the page? You pause and notice what you missed. It’s usually the moving images, like GIFs, that make you pause your scrolling. It could either be because you’re curious to know what comes after the static image but there’s no doubt that movement always gathers more attention than still frame pics. For reference, if you look at some of the best websites you’ll find movable icons, video bytes, GIFs, etc., all on the home page.


No matter how small an issue it seems, font serves a great purpose in attracting a wide audience. There are numerous downloadable fonts available on the internet that you can use. Serif Fonts have recently become the top trend in web design.

Bold Lettering

By bold typography, we don’t suggest that you magnify your entire home page. We think you should select a few important keywords from your webpage to standout by using bold typography. You can also use hand drawn fonts. It all depends on the theme of your product that determines the type of design you choose for your website.

Bright Colors

Color selection is an important issue when it comes to web design. If your webpage is too dull, the audience may lose interest in your website. Color selection is also tricky as you have to take care of the sections where colors bring out the meaning of your website. Bright colors never go out of style.

Overlapping Images and Textual Content   

Lately what we’ve noticed is that websites are exhibiting rebellious textures to gather attention. Text, content, and images that overlap each other will intermix and make witty puns that develop trust with the retailer. The design you choose for your website will show your quality. It’s like a representative of your product.


Brightness, spark and glitter will attract a specific audience, but tidiness, sleekness and decency has its own charm. The less you put on your webpage, the more attention you will get on the content you post. You see how it works? It depends mostly on the design you choose, so make it less cluttered and it will look more attractive.

Saturated Gradients

Pop culture exhibits a particular type of art. The kaleidoscopic gradient is a reminder of the art that once ruled an era. The trend is evergreen.

Illustrations and Animations

Last, but certainly not least, illustrations and animations add a lot to a webpage’s attractiveness. Not only does it make the page look more user-friendly, it also makes it a lot easier for the reader to understand what the website is about. Consider the age bracket of your audience before adding illustrations or animations to your page.

Lisa Morrison is a Content Writer and Marketer for the last seven years, currently working for Time Warner Cable . I cover phone and internet services, good and bad of tech, and entertainment blogs. Writer by day and a reader by night, I also swim and cycle a lot. Hit me up with an email if you want my services or want to inquire about tech or internet services.