Social Media Management Tools to Save Time and Boost Engagement

Social Media has taken over today’s business world. You can hardly imagine a company that does not promote its business through social media. Such is the importance of social media that companies have dedicated teams to manage their social media activities. For businesses that use various social media channels, posting across all the channels and […]

How to Build a Better Brand With Human-Centered Design

Creating a brand in saturated markets is an increasingly difficult task. While adtech is making it easier to target potential customers, producing unique, human-centered content that differentiates the brand remains a challenge for most companies. I deal with this on a daily basis, and constantly work to improve my own brand through updating my website, […]

How Click Fraud Could Be Impacting Your Business

In a highly competitive online scape, businesses are doing everything they can to get ahead and maintain or build a strong brand image through search engines and advertisements. With competition come some nasty tactics and many businesses sabotaging others in order to get ahead of the game and best benefit themselves through the destruction of […]

5 Email Marketing Strategy Tips That Work Perfectly for Millennials

Email marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Companies and brands have relied on electronic mail since the dawn of the internet. Since that time, many mailing services and platforms have reinvented the way we send and receive mail. Millennials are one of the early adopters of internet and email practices as […]