Social Media Management Tools to Save Time and Boost Engagement

Social Media has taken over today’s business world. You can hardly imagine a company that does not promote its business through social media. Such is the importance of social media that companies have dedicated teams to manage their social media activities.

For businesses that use various social media channels, posting across all the channels and keeping track of the posts is not an easy task. Not to mention the boosting engagement part. To make the task of social media management easy, various tools have developed which help in saving posting time and also in boosting engagement

1. Drumup: DrumUp is the right tool for those who manage the social media pages of multiple clients. It helps you schedule the content across a wide range of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin at the click of a button. You can either schedule the post according to the time specified in the editorial calendar, or the app will select the right time for you. You can even enter few relevant keywords, and the app will provide you with fresh content. Social Media Managers can preview the content that is scheduled and make necessary changes as well.

2. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is the most popular social media management tool used by millions of people all over the world. It lets you schedule your post as per your time and convenience. Once you login to Hootsuite, you should select the type of plan and then add all your social media channels. Hootsuite enables you to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. Once you select a particular channel, you can draft a post, attach a picture and schedule the same. In addition to this, you also get analytics and insight into the performance of various channels. You can even assign the social media work among team members.

3. Buffer: Just like Hootsuite, you can sign up with Buffer and add all your social media channels. You can use the content tab to create the post and schedule the same for a future date. One main advantage with Buffer is that it will automatically post for you and even determine the right time depending on the engagement of your audience. You can also download Buffer as a mobile app and share content as you discover it.

4. Sprout Social: Once you login to Sprout Social you can see the profiles attached to your account and the various members helping you out. On the top, you can manage the various team members and the task assigned to them. You can scroll through the feed in your various social media channels, share content in real time and even schedule the same. You can create text content, attach links and photos through this tool. There are various custom plans that are available, and you can select the one which suits you the best.

5. Tweetdeck: If Twitter marketing is a part of your social media activity, then Tweetdeck is the right choice for you. The different columns in Tweetdeck make it easy to follow the notifications, messages, and activities at one go. Since Twitter is way too fast, you need to schedule more than 2 posts per day. Tweetdeck makes it easy for you to schedule the post according to your convenience.

6. SocialFlow: Social Flow is the right tool for optimal content distribution. It distributes content across all social media platforms and optimizes each post based on real time data. SocialFlow conducts a detailed study of user behavior and helps in increasing the user engagement by distributing content at the right time.

7. Iconosquare: If Instagram marketing is a part of your business, then Iconosquare is a must have for you. It not only lets you schedule the post but also provides a detailed insight into your Instagram post and how it is performing. This helps you schedule the right post at the right time.

8. SocialOomph: SocialOomph lets you manage various social media channels from one platform. It contains features like scheduling and analytics which makes the task of social media management easier. SocialOomph has a free plan which is biased towards twitter management. Using the free plan, you can Schedule tweets, shorten URLs and manage five Twitter accounts. But if you want to manage more social media channels, then the paid plan would be the right option.

9. Zoho Social: This tool lets you publish your social media content when your audience is online. The prediction engine provided by the tool assists you in selecting the right time to post. The instant notification feature informs you when a social mention is made and lets you engage with the audience at the right time.

10. Postplanner: If you think your posts are not reaching the right audience or not getting good engagement, then Postplanner is for you. Postplanner provides you a list of right content for your website based on keywords and hashtags that you commonly use. Their custom algorithm measures your social media data and predicts the engagement of your audience in the future. It also provides you the right time to post on each social media platform so that you get good engagement.

11. Social Pilot: This tool lets you schedule social media posts in bulk, coordinate with team members and thus manage clients more effectively. You can start with a 14-day free trial and move on to the paid plan as per your requirement.

Social media management need not be a cumbersome task anymore thanks to these tools. It not only provides you content ideas based on keywords but also let you schedule the post for a future date. It even suggests the right time to post to get the maximum engagement. All this will make your job much easier.

Sunitha is a freelance content writer with more than 7 years’ experience writing content and blogs for clients in social media management. Her interests include social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), content marketing and blogging. When she’s not writing, she likes to pursue her hobbies of jewelry making and crochet.