How to Win at Facebook Marketing

Facebook is too big to ignore. Currently, the social media platform has over 1.8 billion monthly users. It’s an incredible marketing tool for both small and big businesses alike because it allows them to instantly and consistently connect with consumers. If you want to write a marketing plan, you need a Facebook strategy. Over 60 million business pages […]

$0 Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Owners of local businesses, especially ones that are just starting out, almost always find themselves stuck in a conundrum. A vicious cycle of sorts, if you will. And that’s this one: Marketing your business when you’re on a tight budget can be difficult. You can’t go about splurging money on banners, Google Ads, and events […]

Why Social Media Is So Important for Digital Marketing

If you’re not utilizing social media to its fullest potential for your business, you’re missing one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies from your online arsenal. Whether you use it effectively or not, social media is the online storefront for your business. More than three billion people around the world use social media each month, […]