Why Build SEO into Your Business Marketing Strategy?

If you’re a developing business, or if you’re an established business trying to establish an online presence, SEO is going to be your best friend in the marketing aspect of things. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website or blog so that its content ranks well on search engines and therefore drives more traffic.

While there’s no guaranteeing your site will make the coveted #1 slot in a search engine query, there are many tools and SEO tactics to use which can make your website discoverable. This is important, because marketing online is the most effective way of attracting business today.

In the world of smartphones and social media, billboards are beginning to lose a lot of traction in the advertising industry. After all, it’s easier to throw a general phrase into a Google search and see which the most-read and most in-depth articles on any topic are.

It’s also easier to Google companies in the area and what their reputations are. Whether you’re using SEO tactics in a geographical way, or in general, it’s an important part of the advertising and growth in the competitive online market today.

If your business strategy is missing SEO, it’s going to be difficult to build any sort of online presence. SEO can be used for websites, blog posts, and social media, and it ensures that your content (and consequently your business) is responding to online queries appropriately.

Here are ways SEO builds businesses online:

1. Organic Searches

While it might seem worth it to a business to “pay for ranking”, this actually hurts odds of ranking in the long run and being a reputable source. Organic searches are the most effective way of building up long-term traffic, and organically-grown websites tend to be the top ranking.

2. Specific Clients

Using SEO is also important so that the right customers can find the right businesses. For example, it’s up to the search engine to make sure the person looking for “restaurants near me” are able to add on words like “vegan” or “barbecue”. Google and other search engines wouldn’t pull up a random restaurant for a specific query.

In the same way, customers looking for specifics which your business offers will be able to get matched with your company. You will have fewer queries and questions about what you offer if you have what they need, and so on. With a built-up SEO online presence, you will be able to share what your business will do for others and they’ll be able to find you easily.

3. Insights into Growth

Using SEO allows you to see what keywords your customers are using, how they’re searching for businesses, what they look for, and how they respond to multiple marketing strategies. This allows you to understand clients better, serve them better, get great reviews, and grow.

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Christine was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She was a bookseller before shifting to business publishing where she worked at a literary development company, a creative writing website for entrepreneurs. She lives in Texas.