7 Types of Stories that Marketers and Brands Should Use for Advertising

Now more than ever, people may strive to invest in a brand’s story. With that, storytelling can be an essential advertising strategy to help promote your product or services. Applying the principles of storytelling to your business, such as speaking with emotion and weaving a tale with words may leave your readers with a lasting impression.

Marketers and brands can be storytellers, too. You can share a compelling brand story that can help engage and influence your customers. Utilizing this data-focused approach also allows you to make the most out of your content. Doing so can do wonders when it comes to your customers’ purchasing decisions.

If done effectively, storytelling can help you attract more customers while helping drive more traffic, shares, and conversions. That being said, check out these seven types of stories that you can use for advertising your brand.

The Epiphany Bridge

The Epiphany Bridge is a type of storytelling that you can use to help increase your actual sales. It’s an excellent advertising strategy to help you ditch the techno-babble. It can also help inspire your target audience to have an epiphany while driving them to avail your products or services.

Epiphany storytelling can take a different approach when it comes to marketing your brand. It involves only offering your audience with products or services that are useful and relevant in their lives. It also gives you multiple opportunities to inspire them and make them realize that they need your products or services.

Additionally, your story needs to be realistic and shouldn’t be corny or made-up. Epiphany storytelling is a way to share your own experience while driving home your emotion. With that, utilizing it can make it easier for your target audience to relate to and trust your brand.

Breaking False Beliefs

Telling your target audience why your brand is trusted by understanding their pain points is essential. However, it’s also necessary to spend time breaking down those false beliefs they have about your business as well as the product or services you offer.

A false belief is a mistaken belief that your target audience has about your brand. It also includes the types of services you offer and the service providers as well as their abilities. Those false beliefs may prevent them from seeing the value or benefits you can offer. You can break those incorrect beliefs through creating story content.

Creating a story that’s relatable to your customers will help them realize that what they believe may be incorrect. It can be a false-belief-killing story that allows them to trust your brand. Doing so can help you prove that you understand their pain points while offering them the right solution despite what they may hear elsewhere.

SEO Search Journeys

The use of SEO Search Journeys is a way to take a user intent to a whole new level. Google uses AI to help determine or predict where users are through their Search Journeys rather than their keywords or context used. It may also help show your users content based on what they’re looking for or what they want to buy.

You can create story content that is relevant to your target audience’s journey. It’s a way to take advantage of Google update, which can help present informative content to them. It’s a way to generate more organic traffic while helping you get on top of your competitors when it comes to search rankings.

David and Goliath Stories

The story of David and Goliath is about a young shepherd boy who takes down a giant using only a sling and a stone. In line with that, you can create underdog stories where you feel like a little David who’s up against significant brands or large Goliaths. It also includes offering better customer service, affordable prices, and more interactions.

You can incorporate this story in your web copy and About page. It can help your customers get attracted by the idea of a small, down-home, and family-focused business. It can also help your audience see that your brand is willing to help them no matter its size or budget.

Email Stories

Creating story emails is a way to send your subscribers on an adventure apart from using it to send updates and promotion. It includes creating a story that’s relevant to the services you offer. Break it into chunks and send them in separate emails to make your readers wish to read more each day.

Email stories can also help improve your response rate by driving users to other content. Incorporate CTAs, and help them want more offers. Creating email stories can be beneficial for your email marketing and an effective way to promote your brand.

Customer-led Storytelling

Customer-led storytelling is a way to provide your target audience and customers with an opportunity to share their stories. This strategy can help increase engagement, build trust, and expand your reach online. Your team can do it by inviting influential customers to share their experience on your blog or host a social media takeover day.

Utilizing customer-led storytelling is an excellent advertising strategy for your business. It’s a way to give people a chance to share their highly-engaging stories. This customer outreach tactic should be a priority. Learn to understand your audience through social listening.

Philanthropic Storytelling

When it comes to brand storytelling, it’s essential to create stories that are clear, concise, and honest. You also need to understand what your customers are looking for as well as their behavior to help you create relevant and engaging stories.

Utilizing Philanthropic Storytelling is a smart and practical approach to help promote your brand and steer your marketing campaigns in the right direction. It includes engaging your business in new developments as well as charity partnerships. It’s also a way to provide your business with insights that are vital for your campaigns.


Brand storytelling can help make your advertising campaign more engaging, data-fueled, and fun. You can do it for promoting your brand by utilizing the types of stories listed above. By being a storyteller, you can work out innovative ideas for promoting your brand to your audience, which can help yourself succeed in your field.

Dan Joseph Pamat is a content specialist who is currently working at KKCOC. He’s a sports fan who likes to read news and articles as well as social media stories about his favorite athletes. During his spare time, Dan Joseph enjoys visiting new places together with his family and friends.