SEO for SMEs

Most of the clients we work with at Idunn are intimidated by SEO and especially by what SEO writing entails. And for good reason: if you read an article about the basics of SEO and what you need in order to rank, you’ll be overwhelmed by the budget requirements. But throwing money at a problem doesn’t always […]

Keyword Gap Analysis: How to Profit from Your Competitors’ Keywords

For me, one of the hardest parts of SEO content writing is finding the right keywords to optimize for. I have an amazing team of content writers and SEO copywriters who can easily write content that ranks. But what should it rank for? That’s the million dollar question. You see, we make dozens of keyword analyses at […]

How the Right Domain (Website Address) Can Benefit Your Business

Two decades ago, no one would have imagined that online shopping could be the best way to buy things. In the USA, 51% of all shopping activities are done online and experts predict that this rate will increase exponentially in the next couple of years. An online presence is essential when doing business or planning to start […]

How Website Design Impacts SEO and Branding

web design zimbabwe

People usually believe that web designing is all about building a website that looks aesthetically pleasing. Although this is a part of it, it’s not the only thing that web designing entails. When it comes to an integrated marketing plan for your brand, website design is no longer just about its visual appeal. It’s the […]

Web Design Tips that Complement Your Search Engine Optimisation

Maintaining relevance with your product market is one of the biggest challenges e-commerce businesses face today. Since Google moderates this relevance, it has become crucial to identify which niche your business belongs to so search engines such as Google can channel the appropriate searcher to your web pages. While many SEO practices can help online […]

Clever Web Design Tips for a Faster Website

People today do not have a minute to spare, and this extends to your website design as well.  Your professional Web design should satisfy your customers’ demands, providing them with a range of options with which they can view the Web. A website that is slow, and takes time to load, can cost you a lot […]