A Brief History of e-Commerce

Most of us think of e-commerce as the relatively new process of adding a product to a shopping cart and buying something online. But the truth is e-commerce has been around for decades, long before Amazon and eBay, long before shopping carts, even long before the Internet as we know it existed. When was the […]

Reasons Why TikTok is the Next Big Thing in Social Media Marketing (SMM)

In 2016, the ByteDance company created a new app TikTok, which is also circulating within the Chinese market, known as Douyin. In only one year, this app had a remarkable hundred million active users per month. It was a huge success for ByteDance, so they launched an international version. Shortly after being launched, ByteDance acquired […]

IoT Trends that will Disrupt the Tech World in 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) has begun to permeate the consumer, communications, and industrial worlds. IoT services are shaping finance, logistics, retail, and healthcare. IoT solution providers who create innovations in sensors, network communications, applications, and the IoT cloud will gain lasting competitive advantages over companies that are not invested in IoT solutions for everyday problems. Here are 10 trends to predict what comes next […]

Powerful Tips for Running a Highly Productive Online Business

One of the most favorite ways to expand and make profits today is by starting a successful online business. For many people, it might be a new venture and could look like a challenge for many, but the data shows that online businesses are the latest trend today. Millions of people have started successful online […]

Influencer Marketing: Tips for Working with Opinion Leaders

When running your business online, working with opinion leaders is a crucial part of your success. Due to the popularity and significance of social media platforms, the people that have created a following for themselves can also play a significant role in marketing your brand. Social media influencers can help you reach your target audience […]

All You Need to Know About the November 2019 Google Update

It is well-known in the SEO world that Google regularly makes updates in its algorithm and rating parameters. Google publicly announces many of the broad-based updates through its various social and public channels. However, recently, there was an algorithm update in November that wasn’t at first announced by Google. The updates made by Google on […]

Crafting Creative Content – 11 Tips to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Doesn’t it demotivate you when you sit down to check how many shares your latest blog post got and you don’t see a huge number? You worked hard on this one! How can people not be interested in the subject matter you chose? Well, you need to be more acquainted with the problem. The thing […]