Is it safe to outsource web development to Zimbabwe, Africa?

Outsourcing web development overseas can be incredibly cost effective for your business. However, there is a strong stigma around outsourcing development needs offshore. It is understandable. There’s a fear of the unknown, a lingering commitment to source work locally and concerns over data security. 

These are all valid concerns, but the fact is, outsourcing development work offshore or overseas is safe when done correctly.  This blog will give you some insite into employment standards of these offshore developers and insight into the interesting ways that you can take advantage of the cost benefits without actually yourself dealing with the outsourcer. 

Offshore development outsourcing

Technology centers like India and Lehore have become popular destinations to outsource development. The reason that web developmeny companies in India have become go-to’s is because many of the people who work in these companies were educated in Western countries. For instance, when you outsource development to India, the team you work with is usually armed with vast experise and have typically made their way back home to begin working. They’re usually fluent speakers in English, and are able to produce great, high quality work at an incredibly cost effective price.

Finding Middle Ground

If you or your company is still concerned about outsourcing directly to India or other offshore destinations, you do have other options. There is a middle ground when outsourcing. There are companies who have executive offices in North America and Europe, but work with development teams located overseas. Work will be conducted by web developers in India or other overseas countries, but you will have an executive team project managing in North America.

The advantage of this structure, is that you’ll have accountability here, and your executive team is located within North American, but you’ll still have access to the outsourced market and enjoy the incredible benefits this market offers.

Be thorough in your search

Finding outsourced development firms isn’t something to do quickly. Don’t just find a company and hire them – if you do that, you might wind up the company who fears outsourcing after you inevitably have a bad experience. Be thorough in your research: check previous clients’ websites, search their profiles online, try and find any reviews or testimonials if you can. Interview and ask questions.

If you think you’re ready to start searching for overseas outsource web development or just considering hiring a new development team in general, take a look at our guide to outsourcing effectively. Consult our resource and take all the fear out of outsourcing.