How To Make The Most Out Of Your Facebook Marketing?

As a visual medium, Facebook gained popularity as people started sharing images of their youthful indiscretions. But recently, it has evolved into a massive tool in the arsenal of marketers. Advertisers are increasingly opting for Facebook to share video advertisements of products and services. If you are thinking of promoting your brand using a product based on the wings of Facebook, then you have arrived at the right destination as today we are going to share some insights on how to strengthen your marketing drive:

  • Having a clear goal in mind about traffic, engagement, conversion, views, or brand awareness can help create the perfect marketing video. Startups for example should stick to informative yet entertaining videos for garnering the attention of the target audience. After gaining a substantial audience base, they can move to product promotions.
  • The goal is to get the audience hooked with the advertisements and marketers get only 5-10 seconds for doing the same as drop-off rates increase after that point. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to dump all the information within this time frame but it always pays to instill emotion among the audience with the opening message.
  • Segmenting the audience based on psychographics is helping marketers understand comprehensive customer persona. Apart from knowing their customers, marketers understand what motivates them to make a purchase call. For doing this, they can ask questions like are the customers seeking products curated from sustainable materials, do they enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking, etc.
  • A large chunk of Facebook users accesses the application via mobile phones and thus marketers need to be extra cautious about creating mobile-friendly content which can be viewed on the small screen. Marketers can choose between vertical or horizontal video advertisements but vertical videos are known to get comparatively more views than their horizontal peers as they deliver a better watching experience by taking up more feed space.
  • A survey has revealed that 85% of Facebook users keep the sound muted while watching videos. They even have a negative reaction to videos that start with a loud sound as they might be watching the videos for slight entertainment at sound-sensitive places such as their office. Facebook marketers are advised to add closed captions to the videos so that customers can view and understand the content without sounds-on. An auto-captioning tool is offered by Facebook to generate video captions and can serve as a viable alternative if you don’t wish to enter the captions manually.
  • It becomes easy to establish a personal touch with your target audience using Facebook Live. The original content of Facebook live comes as a refreshing change for target customers who might get fed up with the same old advertisements. Jumping into Facebook Live in an impromptu manner might make you feel squeamish initially. You can deal with nervousness by channeling that energy correctly towards the communication. Practicing is the sole way of attaining this confidence and you start by going live just to yourself. Making some physical and vocal warm-up exercises before going live can make an immense difference in the results. It is best to limit your live videos between 15-90 seconds as the engagement level of customers tend to drop after that time. This rule doesn’t hold if the Facebook live features the favorite celebrities of the target audience whose antics, they like to see with no upper time limit.


Marketers should experiment with different types of video content be it live broadcasts, video ads, or regular posts to benefit from the unique attributes of each set.