SERP Feature Trends and Tips For a Better SEO Strategy

Google is always making changes in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) to improve the user experience. Businesses should focus on the latest SERP feature trends to stay ahead of the curve. To gain a competitive edge and drive more traffic to your website, you need to know about the latest SERP feature trends and adopt them to improve your SEO strategy.

Google is the world leader in terms of Internet search and digital advertising revenue. Every day, more than 3 billion Google searches are conducted worldwide and over 100 billion web pages are indexed by the search engine giant. What makes Google so popular? Its algorithm that guarantees better results for any keyword entered by users has had a major role to play in the success of Google. In addition, internet users today are increasingly using mobile devices for search and Google is keeping up with that trend too.

Google’s continuous research on how to provide relevant web pages from different sites lets you see more clearly what you’re looking for. On this note, let’s look at the latest SERP feature trends:

Priority to Voice-optimized Content

The latest SERP feature trends show that content on mobile devices will be more voice-activated and conversational. Google’s voice search is growing 3 times faster than the text version and accounts for 20% of all mobile queries. Mobile web pages with 2 to 4 sentences in the description area perform better than those with a longer description or several short descriptions.

More Knowledge Graph Cards

Cards are the latest SERP feature trends in Google, which display detailed information about specific topics in separate sections within search results. This allows searchers to find answers quickly without having to click on another web page, thereby increasing user satisfaction for Google users. You can also improve your strategy by using structured data to spread your content across multiple Google knowledge graph cards.

Integration of Local Search With Images

Google’s latest SERP feature trends show a strong push towards integrating local business information into SERPs, especially for mobile users. If you have a physical store or an office in a certain location, make sure that this information is visible to Google.

Bookmarking Service for Mobile Devices

Google’s latest SERP feature trends indicate that users are increasingly turning to their mobiles to find bookmarked content. If your content has been shared thousands of times on the web, you can consider it as a high-quality bookmark and monetize it with Adsense ads or other affiliate ads.

High-quality Featured Snippets

The latest SERP feature trends show that Google is increasingly using featured snippets to display high-quality content with extensive information in separate boxes at the top of SERP. It’s a great opportunity for you to grab traffic from users who like to get all their answers right on one page and don’t go through other sites.

The Rich Cards

Google’s latest SERP feature trends show that the search engine giant is increasingly using rich cards to display information and media together in one featured snippet or box on SERP. The results include headlines, images, and buttons with snippets of relevant content and hyperlinks for users searching for related topics. This is a great opportunity for you to direct users to your own website.

The Use of Location Modifiers

The latest SERP feature trends show that Google is increasingly using location modifiers to display local-specific results based on user search queries. This is an important tool in the SEO strategy because it helps companies improve their online presence by displaying relevant information for their target location.

Highlighting Special Offers

If you have a list of weekly or monthly deals and discounts, Google’s latest SERP feature trends indicate that highlighting these offers in the description area affects the user experience and helps increase conversions for your business. It also makes it easier to rank higher than other e-commerce sites offering similar products.

Tips for Better SEO Strategy

Fret not if you are new to SEO as we’ve got you covered with the best tips to improve your SEO strategy to gain a competitive edge:

  • Analyze data trends over the past few years to understand how search engine algorithms have evolved.
  • Create a regular SEO calendar with updates on your site’s security, content writing, and link-building activities.
  • Use engagement signals like click-through rate, time spent on a page, bounce rate, etc. to monitor the quality of traffic coming through search engine optimization.
  • Focus on the latest SERP feature trends such as featured snippets, knowledge graph cards, location modifiers, and rich cards to get ahead of competitors.
  • Use structured data to make your content easily discoverable by Google’s bots.
  • Be active on social media networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook because these channels can help you brand your business online.

Wrapping Up!

With the latest SERP feature trends, it is time to take your SEO strategies up a notch. Now that you know what Google is looking for, make sure you include these changes in your strategy for better search engine rankings and improved conversions.

Google’s latest SERP feature trends show a strong push towards integrating local business information into SERPs, which means companies should be actively monitoring their online presence across local business listings, review sites, social media channels, blogs, etc. By following these SEO strategies, you can come up with a stronger SEO strategy that will help improve your search engine rankings.