AI in Company Vehicles: 67% of Business Leaders Trust AI to Drive Their Company Vehicles

67% of business leaders would trust AI to drive their company vehicles

70% of respondents think AI self-driving company vehicles could complete business transportation tasks more efficiently than human drivers

50% of respondents are considering replacing human-driven company vehicles with AI self-driving vehicles

New survey data from leading business technology authority has revealed that 67% of business leaders would trust AI to drive their company vehicles. 

In addition, half of business leaders (50%) are even considering replacing their current human-driven company vehicles with AI-powered self-driving vehicles. 

Subtle use of AI technology is already being implemented to enhance business transportation. For example, all of the best route planning software uses some form of AI to power routing. Despite this, the use of artificial intelligence in US commercial vehicles is yet to be fully realized, and continues to face legal concerns. However,’s new data reveals that the majority of surveyed business managers are keen to embrace self-driving company vehicles, especially due to their efficiency-enhancing benefits.

70% of respondents think that AI self-driving company vehicles could complete business transportation tasks more efficiently than human drivers. It’s easy to see the appeal, considering an artificial intelligence that can drive a vehicle avoids all the complications experienced by a human driver – whether that be low visibility during nighttime driving, or requiring legally mandated time off driving to rest. 

AI is accelerating into the future of company vehicles — or at least according to the 73% of respondents who say they believe self-driving company vehicles will grow in popularity over the next five years.’s Fleet Expert, Adam Rowe, comments: “Many commercial fleets in the United States are still struggling to replace their vehicles due in part to years of supply chain disruptions. This new survey indicates they are more than open to making those overdue investments into self-driving vehicles. The big question that remains: Can AI advance fast enough within the next few years to actually make self-driving trucks fully safe for public roads across America?”

Regardless of AI’s increased efficiency, no corners should be cut when it comes to roadside safety. 83% of business leaders polled think that clear AI regulation needs to be established for AI-powered company vehicles. 

Lawmakers are already laying out regulations surrounding the use of self-driving commercial fleets on public roads. A bill passed the California Senate this month to require the presence of a human safety operator for each self-driving truck operating in the state. That’s effectively a ban on self-driving trucks across the nation’s most populated state. But this bill was later vetoed by California Governor Gavin Newsom. We are yet to see if full automation can arrive for company vehicles across the US, but’s survey findings make one development clear: if self-driving company vehicles do reach the market, business leaders are likely to be ready and waiting with open checkbooks.