The Creator Economy – What Fuels It and How to Leverage It

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In 2022, the creator economy was valued at over $100 billion, a substantial market share among the 50+ million people worldwide. Furthermore, its growth is just beginning, which is even more impressive. A recent study showed that children aged 8 to 11 would rather become YouTube stars than astronauts, which is surprising but not uncommon. […]

Artificial Intelligence: Future of Digital Marketing

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It is widely expected that AI will greatly impact the business world in the coming years. McKinsey’s research indicates that sales and digital marketing are the areas where it will have the most significant economic impact. This means that marketers who do not adopt AI are missing out on what is likely the most transformative […]

7 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2023

The influencer marketing industry has continued to increase its market size and revenue. According to Oberlo, the whole industry is worth a whopping 16.4 billion dollars. What an incredible number it is, isn’t it? Highly qualified marketers know: Time does not stand still. All of us have to continue to further educate ourselves on the […]

9 Tried-and-True Tips to Amplify Your Website’s On-Page SEO

Are you gearing up to launch a new website for your startup? Or, have you been managing your domain for a while now but you just can’t seem to drive steady traffic to it? Well, don’t start draining your business’s monthly budget on Google ad campaigns and content marketing initiatives just yet —it is vital […]

New Trends For Marketing in 2022: Which Are the Best For Your Business?

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Marketing trends can wax and wane, depending on consumer behavior, technological advances, and several other factors. What was working for your business and driving engagement a few years ago may not hit consumers in the same way anymore. Social media has changed the tides for marketing in a big way over the last decade, sending […]

3 Key SEO Metrics Small Businesses Should Consider

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Now that you have implemented SEO initiatives for a few months, it’s time to see if you’re seeing some positive results. One of the most effective ways to assess your SEO performance is by using metrics to quantify your SEO results. Here are four simple and useful SEO metrics small businesses can use. 1. Average […]

How To Master On-Page and Off-Page SEO Skills

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Google holds about 91.56% of the search engine market share as of March 2022. And more than 75% of organic web traffic comes from search engines. This is why marketers look to optimize their websites for search engines to get high ranking and traffic to their websites. Although SEO is a long process. By any means, if you are looking forward […]

10 Easy TikTok Strategies for 2022

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TikTok is no doubt the fastest growing social media platform. It has been downloaded over 2.5 billion times and has more than 1 billion active users. What is TikTok? TikTok is a social media app where users can share short videos of themselves. The app is extremely popular with teenagers and young adults. TikTok’s popularity, especially among young […]

Five Effective Marketing Trends for 2022

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In the past few years, marketers have had to rethink marketing strategies, tactics, and how they communicate with customers and prospects. If you want to compete and grow revenues this year, you must understand how to navigate marketing trends successfully. Here are 5 of the hottest marketing trends for 2022. 1. Good Customer Experience is […]