Where to Advertise your Business Online

Do you feel like you’re constantly wasting your marketing dollars? Join the club. Although print advertising, direct mail, tv and radio still have some relevance for some industries, for many, it’s a giant waste of time and money.  Consumer attention span is getting shorter, coupled with an ever increasing amount of advertising, you can see […]

The 4 Fundamental Steps of Conversion Optimisation

Once upon a time, I was sitting in my office looking over data for one our new clients and reviewing the conversion project roadmap. The phone rang and on the other end was the VP of marketing for a multi-billion-dollar company. It is very unusual to get an unannounced call from someone at his level, […]

What is Social Media? Are You Covered?

Social media is the group of online communications channels devoted to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration. Here are some leading examples of social media: Facebook Twitter Google+ Wikipedia LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest Social media is growing as an essential part of life online as social sites, and applications multiply. Most conventional online media incorporates social […]

Google Analytics Definitions

This article attempts to clarify definitions for common terms used in Google Analytics. Hit With Google Analytics, a hit is ANY request sent to the GA data collection system. This includes pageviews, events, custom variables, measurement protocol uploads, etc. You can backup your Google Analytics data by keeping a copy of the hits sent to […]