Major Mobile Updates – How to Prepare Your Website

The last few months have seen more algorithmic updates than the entirety of 2016. On September 23, 2016, Google made an announcement that the entire SEO world was dying to hear: Penguin would become part of the core algorithm. With the release of Penguin 4.0 it has become clear that Google’s purpose is to build […]

How to Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

DA or domain authority is a yardstick for measuring the metric of a website, invented by Moz. For the search engine optimizers, this is one of the most vital numbers. The higher the DA is, the better the chances of obtaining higher rank and increased search engine traffic. The million dollar question asked by the […]

DIY SEO: 8 Tips for Search Novices

“SEO is not about building links, it’s about building relationships to earn the links.” ― Nahid Hassan, CEO/SEO analyst/digital marketing strategist at Bizcope For those just entering the realm of SEO, it can be an overwhelming undertaking. It can be challenging to understand the basic tenants and concepts of the practices and with more than 200 […]

Your Website Looks Incomplete?

Websites are living communications channels that change and evolve along with the companies and organizations for which they serve as an online presence. But there’s a difference between websites that are in a perpetual state of change and sites that appear to be incomplete. In fact, your website should be in a perpetual state of […]

SEO and Content Marketing in 2016: What Worked and What to Implement This Year

2016 marked the spot for changes in content marketing, and it brought some exciting revelations that some of us didn’t see coming. For starters, we all know that the competition has stepped up its game when it comes to effective marketing. Because of that, we have all had to step up our skills, consistently refine […]

What your website needs to attract customers

In his book No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent, business coach and consultant Dan S. Kennedy shows you how to re-position your business, practice, or sales career so you can learn how to attract customers for whom price is not a determining factor. In this edited excerpt, the author reveals what your website needs to […]