How Often Should a Business Post on Social Media

Marketing on social media represents a fast and user friendly way to interact with a target audience, it can be difficult to gauge how much attention it should be given as a platform. An important question for businesses is how often they should be posting content on these channels. Failing to understand the right time […]

Search Engine Optimisation Guide for 2018

No, this is not a post about SEO predictions for 2018. This is a guide based on strategies that are already working and that will work even better throughout this year. If you’re a regular on SiteProNews and you’ve already read some of my articles, then you must know that the SEO game is changing pretty […]

Essential Tips for Crafting a Serial-Killer Business Video

When you manage to get the interest of your target audience through video, you’re able to present your business in all its glory. Currently, video content is the most attractive form of advertising that not only captures the viewer’s attention, but also evokes stronger emotions. Big “dogs” like Coca-Cola, Nike or McDonald’s quickly understood the […]

5 Big Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 [Infographic]

Which trends should marketers be thinking about as they prepare for the year ahead? There so many fresh tactics to choose from—from hot platforms to new strategic approaches—that figuring out what to focus on can feel overwhelming. To help, we recently dug through host of recent research reports to see which tools and ideas marketers […]

Ways Search Engine Optimisation Has Changed for the Better

Ever since the birth of Google in 1997, surfing the web has never been the same. Easily the world’s most notable search engine, its name even earning a spot in the English Oxford dictionary to describe making a search on the internet, Google has also dictated the direction of SEO significantly. By introducing PageRank, Google could […]

Short Is Sweet: Successful Email Subject Line Strategies

Creating e-mail subject lines should never be an afterthought. You might have created a great e-mail with an unbelievable promotion but if the subject line is poor, then people will not open it — which undermines all the good work you and your team have done. Surveys have suggested 33 percent decide to open an e-mail from […]

Facebook Organic Reach is Dying: How to Prepare

Facebook’s organic reach is basically on life-support. In short, get ready to visit the grave very soon. RIP, non-paid Facebook Page posts. Here’s the eye-opening state of things: In the last five years, organic reach on Facebook has fallen nearly 14 percent, as HubSpot estimates. That doesn’t seem like a big number, but that dive took us […]

Top E-Mail Marketing Flaws That Can Kill Your Business Campaigns

Even if social media has been taking over the Internet, e-mail is still an effective tool for businesses to reach out to their target customers. Startups looking to beef up their digital marketing campaigns should avoid these five e-mail marketing flaws: 1. Ignoring double opt-in e-mail marketing Single opt-in and double opt-in sign-up methods differ […]